It's a different star from Earth. There is a lush nature spreading there.

There is a huge tree standing in one piece on this star, and around it, there are various settlements and agriculture is thriving. In particular, in the "Tree Village", there is an underground street that can be entered from the roots of the tree.

It's a space where tree roots are spread, and many human beings spend time there.

In the underground street, there are wine makers who make alcoholic drinks and other delicacies, and craftsmen who make "Masu", which are treasured in this world.

There is a legend in that settlement.

It is said that hundreds of years ago, there was a "woman whose part of her body was made of wood" besides human beings. She is called "Kukunochi" and a legend is recorded that she created huge trees.

She is said to have performed "photosynthesis" by bathing in the sun's light and talked to spirits that humans could not see.

However, a mysterious "girl with a sword" appeared, and Kukunochi was defeated. However, she had the power of regeneration and escaped from the scene by becoming a young form.

1,000 years later. The era of wars. Settlements and villages were also continuing their struggles.

Each settlement established dojos for self-defense and created systems called "investigation teams" and "warriors."

One Boy entered the dojo to end the long-standing conflict.

Can the young man who wishes for peace end this conflict?

How To Play

Product name          : SILVA

Estimated time        : 2~10 minutes

Number of players  : 2~4

Contents                  : 20 cards

                             (18 playing cards + 2 rule cards)


About The Cards 

Card Types

There are a total of 11 types of cards.

( ) is the word for the effect of the card.

(10) Kukunochi (Regeneration)

(9) Sword Girl (Flash)

(8) Spirit (Thought)

(7) Farmer (Cultivation/Harvest)

(6) Masu Craftsman (FOMUS)

(5) Sake brewer (Brewing)

(4) Warrior (Fighting)
(3) Reconnaissance team (reconnaissance)

(2) Trainees (Suicide attack)

(1) Boy (Revolution)

(0) Mini Kukunochi (Photosynthesis)

Game Preparation

① Mix well the 17 game cards except for "0:Mini-Kukunochi" and place them face down on the table.

This is called the "deck.

(Please keep the rule cards on hand and use them only if necessary.)

② Place "0:Mini Kukunochi" horizontally next to the deck. This is called the "rebirth card.

③ Each player draws a card from the deck to make a hand.

The first player to play his or her turn is decided.

④ After the first player is decided, the game proceeds in a clockwise direction.

⑤ The first player moves clockwise.

The game proceeds in divisions called "moves".

The player whose turn it is to play draws a card from the top of the deck and adds it to his or her hand.

The player with two cards in his or her hand chooses one card from the deck and reveals it on the field.

All cards have "effects" and players follow the instructions.

(The effect must be activated).

The timing of activating the effect depends on the card.

The revealed card is discarded.

Each player puts his or her discarded cards in front of him or her.

The cards are placed face up from left to right so that the order in which they are revealed is clear.

These discarded cards are the key for other players to deduce their opponents' hands.

When the player finishes activating the effects of his or her cards, his or her turn is over.

Next, the player to the left takes his or her turn in a clockwise direction.

This is repeated until the deck runs out or until there is only one player left.

The replayed cards are not in the deck. It is used only when "kukunochi" is

The next player to the left takes his or her turn.


If a player is eliminated by the effect of a card, he/she always reveals his/her hand and adds it to his/her discard pile.

■Nominated Opponent

Some card effects have a target opponent. The active player may nominate any opponent he/she wishes.

However, you cannot choose yourself as the "target of the effect". The target opponent of the effect of Warrior and Resident is the player whose card is you can enjoy more sophisticated psychological games if you let your opponent see your card without keeping it face down.

■When the effect does not work

The effects of cards discarded by the active player are not activated.

Also, when a card is drawn from the deck by the effect of Sword Girl, Warrior, or Boy, if there are no cards in the deck, the effect does not activate and the game ends as is.

The effect is not activated and the game ends as it is.

If there is more than 1 card in the deck, the effect is activated.

<End of Game and Winner>

The game ends when one of the following conditions is met

(1) When the deck runs out of cards.

The game ends when there are no cards left in the deck at the end of the player's turn.

In this case

All players who have not been eliminated reveal their cards, and the winner is the player with the highest card strength (number) among them.

If there are two players with the strongest cards, the game ends in a tie.

⑵When all players are eliminated except one

When all players except one are eliminated, the game ends.

The player who survives to the end wins.

(3) When all players are eliminated

If the number of cards in the hand is the same as the number of cards in the hand of the opponent who was confronted by the effect of the warehouseman, the game is played, and both players are eliminated.

If there are no other players left at that time, the game is a draw.

Effect "Regeneration

Level: 10 (1 card)

It cannot be put on the field, and if it is made to be discarded, it is eliminated.

It revives with a regeneration card when it is eliminated by someone other than "the girl with the sword."

Kukunochi has overwhelming power.

However, they do not reveal themselves publicly.

If he is found by the Girl of Swords, he is defeated and eliminated on the spot.

However, if he is eliminated by someone other than Kukunochi, he can revive himself from the regeneration tag by using his regeneration power.

(If you are eliminated by the effects of (4) Warrior, (2) Trainee, or (1) Boy, you must discard "all" cards in your hand before drawing a regeneration card and returning to the game.

Effect "Isshin" (a flash)

Sword Girl Effect "Isshin" (a flash)

Level: 9 (1 card)

Make the opponent draw 1 card from the deck and reveal both cards in his or her hand.

Then, he or she specifies one of the cards and discards it.

The "Girl with the Sword" who is acting to defeat Kukunochi.

She is a mysterious girl whose true identity no one knows.

With a sword that does not seem to have been made in this world

She is able to stop the rebirth of Kukunochi.

Spirit Effect "Thought"

Level: 8 (2 cards)

Exchanges the hand of the named opponent with the hand you have.

There is a spirit that has watched over this planet since ancient times, but mankind cannot see it.

Using the special powers possessed by the spirits, I hope to show dreams to people and help them understand each other's feelings of strife.

Farmer Effect "Cultivation and Harvest

Level: 7 (2 cards)

Instead of drawing 1 card from the deck on your next turn, this first card

Draw 2 cards, and you can choose 1 of them. The remaining 1 card is returned to the deck.

The second card allows you to draw 3 cards.

The remaining 2 cards are returned to the deck.

This planet is a prosperous farming area.

Cultivate and harvest to get advantageous cards.

If there are no 2 or 3 cards left in the deck, draw a certain number of cards and choose one.

Draw a certain number of cards and choose one.

(The player to the right of the player whose turn it is to play mixes the returned cards with the cards in the deck.

(The player to the right of the active player is responsible for mixing the returned cards with the deck.

Then, discard one of the two cards in hand to activate the effect.)

Masu Craftsman Effect "Manufacture and Protection

Level: 6 (2 cards)

The first discard does not activate any effect, but the player who plays the second summons FOMUS Masu to the field.

The FOMUS logo is placed in front of it.

May be disabled once upon defeat (when selected by the "Trainee" or "Resident" (2nd) effect, or when defeated by the Brewer's effect).

It can be used even when there is no Masu.

In this village, the culture is such that "Masu = good luck charm" and many residents wear Masu.

Only a few families are able to produce Masu.

Sake brewer Effect "brewing

Level: 5 (1 card)

Show the cards in your hand to your nominated opponent, and the one with the lower number is eliminated.

When showing cards to each other, they must do so in secret so that other players cannot see them.

In this village, agriculture is flourishing, and there is a wealth of knowledge and skills in processing.

Rice is made into sake and grapes into wine.

They also make beer from wheat?

The female brewers of this village are superb.

Effect "Fighting" Warrior

Level: 4 (2 cards)

Makes the designated opponent draw 1 card from the deck.

Make the opponent who has 2 cards remain undisclosed, and make him or her designate 1 card to discard.

Warriors of the village of trees.

They became warriors after overcoming severe training.

Utilizing the information they receive from the survey team

Defeat the enemy.

I feel happiness when I drink alcohol after work.

(When choosing a card, make sure that "the card you originally had" and "the card you drew" are not known before designating them.)

Reconnaissance Party Effect "Reconnaissance

Level: 3 (2 cards)

Looks at the hand of the nominated opponent.

The Reconnaissance Squad is very capable of reconnaissance through rigorous training and is good at gathering information.

Only you can see the cards in the hand of the player you nominated.

You may not tell the results of your reconnaissance to other players.

Trainee Effect "suicide attack."

Level: 2 (2 cards)

If you guess the hand of the named opponent, the opponent is eliminated.

Trainees often go to the front lines of battle due to lack of manpower.

At times, they may even go on suicide missions to their death.

(The nominated player answers whether the declarations of the turn players match.

If they match, the player discards his or her cards and is eliminated.

If not, the player is told that he or she is out of the hand.

It is not necessary to tell what cards are in the hand.)


Effect "Transformation"

Level: 1 (2 cards)

The first discard does not activate any effect, but when the second card appears on the field, it activates the same effect as the girl with the sword.

The player who plays the second boy does not have to be the same player who played the first boy.

At a young age, the boy has no power.

However, they eventually grow up and become stronger.

If "Kukunochi" is named by the effect of this card, it cannot be dropped out like "Sword Girl" and will be processed for regeneration.

If the second "Resident" is used when the deck is 0 cards, the game ends without triggering the effect.

Mini Kukunochi

Effect "Photosynthesis

Level:0 (1 card)

If "Kukunochi" falls by an effect other than Sword Girl, discard all the cards in your hand and add "Yo-Kukunochi" as a regeneration card.

It can be used only when it revives. It has no effect when it is put out normally.

When the deck runs out of cards and it becomes a numbers game, it wins if it is a game with "(8) Spirit".

When Kukunochi has used up all his power, the figure that changes is Kukunochi himself in his childhood form.

He gradually returns to his original body through photosynthesis.

The spirit's form can be seen.


▲ Do not give to children under 3 years of age to prevent accidental swallowing.

▲ Keep out of the reach of children under 3 years of age after use.


Sold agency: KUKU DAO (FOMUS)

 (※For inquiries regarding exchange of defective products, etc., please contact

Please contact KUKU DAO if you have any questions about exchange of defective products.

Game design: Masu

Illustration and design work: KUKU DAO

This game is a fiction.
It is in no way related to any real person or organization.